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How often does SpyFu update its data?
How often does SpyFu update its data?

The cycle is always in motion.

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SpyFu shows data for billions of keywords, and we keep it fresh by updating them regularly:

  • On average, we update our keyword rankings once a month.

  • Domain details are updated live.

Live Updates

A domain's number of keywords, estimated budget, and clicks may change as you refresh the site.

The data points that we use on our site don't all come from one source. That affects our timing on what's updated when.

  • Keyword SERPs with domain rankings

  • Keyword metrics like volume, CPC estimates and clicks

  • Weekly rank updates for customer-selected keywords

  • Domain and page details

  • Backlinks for a site

  • And more...

Ranking Updates

Because of the size of our keyword list, we update ranking data on a rolling schedule which means that we update parts of the site each day.

We try to cycle through most of our keywords within a month. During that time, some keywords have multiple updates.

Which keywords get priority

Higher volume keywords get refreshed more often (multiple times a month). You might see a domain jump in position on one keyword twice during the same time that another gets one update.

How often does SpyFu update its data? Example shown of higher search volumes getting updated more frequently.

These higher volume keywords "google advanced search" and "google keyword planner" will see more frequent updates on the site than a keyword like "zappos spyfu" will.

Most keywords with monthly search volume above 100 get updated about once a month.

Keywords that we detect 0 searches on--over many consecutive months--will eventually drop off our lists. This might happen for searches like "seo trends 2019" or "google pixel 4 reviews."

We're Always Updating Our Data

Individual keywords update throughout the week, so roll-up numbers and rank changes can fluctuate every time you search.

Charts Are Live

The Ranking History tool tracks historical data points from month to month. The most recent update is to the far right, and it is a live and growing number.

For example, this screen shot was taken mid-March for Its clicks look like they have dropped, but because the month is only part way through, this level should rise. However, the click counts shown for February, January and December are locked in.

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