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Add Your Custom Keywords to SpyFu
Add Your Custom Keywords to SpyFu
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Sometimes when you enter a keyword into SpyFu, it returns with zero keyword results. This video explains why that might be, and what you can do to remedy it.


Video Transcript:

SpyFu Tracks millions of keywords across the web, but as you now see it’s tough to catch them all.  


That’s why we’ve handed the SpyFu keys over to our customers. Premium members can tell us new keywords to search and report on every month.


Adding your own unique keywords to SpyFu’s database doesn’t cost anything extra; and it will help customize your SpyFu experience, making our data specialized to you.


To add keywords to our system simply click on account, and then request keywords.  You can type in whatever keywords you’d like to add.  Long-tail or short, up to 10,000 new keywords a day.  


You can add these manually, or copy and paste an entire list


Pro Tip:

The keywords you will definitely want to include are your brand name, or your clients brand names, as well as any variations of that brand name including plurals and common misspellings.


Also localized keywords like, Shooks, Minnesota bait and tackle.  


Include location keywords mixed with your brand name, as well as any products or services you might have.  Like Patrick’s Scarf Emporium Phoenix or Specialty cheeses, Nome Alaska.    ← (maybe just type this)  


Now that you have your brand, products, and location keywords in SpyFu, do the same thing with your competitors.  Do they have a competing product similar to yours with its own unique brand name, (SuperFresh Quinoa Face Peel.)  


By adding their unique keywords you can keep a closer eye on how they’re evolving their campaigns, and ultimately spy on them more effectively.


Keywords are the fuel that keep SpyFu going.  We identify domains by the keywords they rank on, and the strength of the domains by the quantity and quality of their keywords.  Customize your SpyFu experience by adding the unique keywords for both you and your competitors.

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