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Get Inspiration from the Related Keywords Feature (Video)
Get Inspiration from the Related Keywords Feature (Video)

Get new ideas for strong keywords in your market

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Welcome to the newly updated Related Keywords tool! Giving you strong relevant keyword suggestions that can expand even the most basic keyword lists.

It’s designed to make your keyword research a lot faster, and more actionable - guiding you toward new and engaging content & ads that actually convert.

Start by entering a keyword into the search bar, and hit enter.

Right away SpyFu will return a bunch of keyword suggestions that branch off of the original idea.

The similar keywords search type is sorted by volume. Basically giving you the most searched for keywords at the top.

These are great general suggestions, but can be instantly improved by adjusting the Search Type.

Search Type

Search Type fast tracks the actionability of your research by organizing keywords into different categories.

Transactional Keywords will guide you to variants intended to make money.

The keywords in this search type are automatically sorted based on how close the keyword is to an actual sale. Giving higher ranks to "I'm putting in my credit card right now!" type phrases.

Not only is this helpful for writing copy in your sales funnel, these keywords can also be extremely helpful when writing ads, or building product pages because you know the person searching for it is already looking to spend money.

The “Also Buys Ads For” search type is helpful for PPC campaigns as well.

Because it finds domains that are actively buying this keyword, and then shows you what other keywords they are advertising on.

It’s good to build out your transactional keywords, but also to build authority on a topic or product with informational keywords.

A good place to start is by building content around what people are asking of Google, which is what we’ve included in the Questions search type.

It’s empowering to know what the masses are asking Google. Because essentially, it’s an easy way of finding what they’re asking of YOU. This will give you the direction and opportunity to answer those common questions, which will gain you traffic, as well as knowledge authority on the topic.

Also Ranks For is similar to Also Buys Ads For, by showing you what other keywords are in the universe for domains who are ranking on this keyword. Expanding your potential keyword list.

Explore these different search types and adjust them depending on your current campaign goals.

Regardless of which Search Type you choose SpyFu has updated this tool with next generation Metrics

Next Gen Metrics

We included next gen metrics that give you a better reflection of how people actually interact with one keyword vs another.

It's a far more helpful way to prioritize keywords. When you know how people behave on this SERP, you can adjust your ads and content accordingly.

You can quickly find more of these metrics by clicking on the columns button here on the right.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the metrics you can display, and you can add or remove these columns to best fit your workflow.

You can also sort the keyword results by any of these metrics by clicking on the column headers.

When you find the metrics you want, in the search type that best benefits your current goals, it’s a good time to cut the keyword chaff with Filters.


The best keyword results are the ones targeted to your needs, that’s why Filters quickly eliminate the noise and get to the actionable stuff.

You can adjust things like

  • terms to include and exclude

  • search volume

  • ranking difficulty

  • word count (to help with longtail searches)

  • and more

By using Filters you can customize the results so you don’t have to work with thousands of related terms.

Filters also work hand and hand with Groups.


If you’re looking for keyword opportunities you might as well look for the big opportunities first. Groups give you those big “group sized” opportunities, with keyword rollups. You’re also able to glance at exactly how big that group size is in terms of Volume.

As you click on the different ad groups you’ll notice the keyword results on the right adjust to fit within those categories.

Then you can drill into subcategories and use those lists of keywords to build focused ads, content, and product pages.

By automatically organizing keyword variants into groups, SpyFu has made it easy to find and export these group sized opportunities.

Add & Export

After clicking on a keyword group or subgroup you can add the entire thing to a MySpyFu project. Make sure you have the right project open here on the right, and then simply click add group.

You can then open up and see your new ad group added to your project. SpyFu will automatically start tracking the performance and trends of this group and its keywords. It’s a simple feature that will save you a ton of time.

You can also export the entire keyword list to a CSV, Google Sheets, PDF, or simply copy it to a clipboard and use whatever software is most comfortable for you.

We’ve been working hard to improve our data, incorporate your feedback, and make SpyFu’s Related Keywords tool as simple and useful as possible.

We are excited for you to try it out and make your keyword research faster and more expansive than ever.

As always, thank you for watching

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