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Bulk Upload Your Keywords; Get Data in a Snap (Video)
Bulk Upload Your Keywords; Get Data in a Snap (Video)

No matter where you find your keywords, load them into tool that retrieves data for all of them.

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Welcome to the Bulk Uploads tool.

It’s the best way to get a massive amount of keyword data on a list of keywords that you already have. Simply paste a column of your keywords, and SpyFu will automatically group them and add next generation metrics.

All ready to be sorted and exported!

Let’s show you the full tour.

First off, get a list of keywords you would like to gather data on. You might have these from an existing campaign or by exporting some keywords from a SpyFu tool!

Pasting in Keywords

Again you can paste a keyword list from basically any spreadsheet. (Excel, Google sheets, numbers.) Once you have your list, copy the keyword column, and paste it into bulk uploads. Be sure to only have one keyword per line, with no commas. So if it’s a long-tail keyword, meaning it has multiple words that make up one keyword, just have the whole thing on one line.

You can paste up to 1,000 keywords, long-tail or short-tail, into the bulk upload box. When you’re all ready, click the “Build List” button on the bottom right.

It’s that easy, we wanted to make it just work, like magic.


SpyFu automatically sorts these keywords into groups. Because if you’re looking for keyword opportunities you might as well look for the big “group sized” opportunities first with keyword rollups.

Now there’s no more need for you to do this manually, which is going to be an enormous time saver for larger keyword lists.

You’re able to glance at exactly how big that group size is in terms of Volume, which is great if you want to see the search volume of different topics or brands.

As you click on the different ad groups you’ll notice the keyword results on the right adjust to fit within those categories. You can drill into subcategories and use those lists of keywords to build focused ads, content, and product pages.

If you want to get even more granular, Groups works hand in hand with Filters.


Even with custom keyword lists the best results are the ones targeted to your immediate needs. That’s why Filters quickly eliminate the noise and get to the actionable stuff.

You can adjust things like

  • terms to include and exclude

  • search volume

  • ranking difficulty

  • word count (to help with long-tail searches)

  • and more

You can edit this keyword list at any time using the edit button, but Filters allow you to organize and focus on your current task, without adding or deleting from the master list.

Keywords Not Shown

If you happen to have duplicates in your custom list, SpyFu will remove the repeating keyword automatically and put them here in “Keywords Not Shown.”

This is also where you can see keywords SpyFu’s database doesn’t have yet.

Because though we currently have over 3 and a half billion keywords, and counting, it’s tough to catch em all. This can be especially true when it comes to certain brands and product names, or even obscure long-tail keywords.

Rest assured, any missing keyword you enter will be automatically added into SpyFu’s database. It might take a few weeks to get data on them, but once they’re in there we will track them forever.

A good idea would be to grab a list of all of your branded and product keywords and paste them into Bulk Uploads right away. Even if you don’t plan on working with that data at that moment, it will let us know what to start tracking and building data on for your future campaigns.

Speaking of data, let’s take a look at our Next Generation Metrics.

Next Gen Metrics

Being able to get next generation search metrics for your custom keywords is extremely powerful. It gives you a better reflection of how people actually interact with one of your keywords vs another.

It's a highly effective way to prioritize your keywords, because when you know how people behave on the SERP, you can adjust your ads and content accordingly.

You can quickly find more of these metrics by clicking on the columns button here on the right.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the metrics you can display, and you can add or remove these columns to best fit your workflow. You can also sort the keyword results by any of these metrics by clicking on the column headers.

When you find the metrics that are important to you, in the group or subgroup that you want to focus on, it’s a perfect time to export this list of keywords.

Add & Export

You have the option to add an entire group or subgroup to a MySpyFu project. Make sure you have the correct project open here on the right, and then simply click add group.

You can then open up and see your new group added to your project. SpyFu will automatically start tracking the performance and trends of this group and its keywords.

It’s a simple feature that will save you a ton of time.

You can also export the entire keyword list to a CSV, Google Sheets, PDF, or simply copy it to a clipboard and use whatever software is most comfortable for you.

Bulk Uploads is a great way to harness the power of SpyFu’s massive data sets and automatic grouping, for your custom lists of keywords.

Use it to reveal next generation data on the keywords that are most important to you, making your campaigns more informed and prioritized than ever.

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