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Keyword Advice for Your Google Ads Campaign (Video)
Keyword Advice for Your Google Ads Campaign (Video)

Take On the Most Competitive Advertisers on Any Keyword

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Target Similar, Competitive Keywords in Your Google Ads Campaign

Welcome to the new and improved Google Ads Advisor for keywords!

It is perfect for anyone who is wanting to grow their Google Ads campaign, or even figure out where to start!

You might be surprised that the best approach isn't usually the one most people start with.

Let’s show you around!

Start by simply typing a keyword, preferably relevant to your site, into the search box.

Straight away we’re going to tell you what keywords we think would be good for your domain to advertise on, let’s take a look at the results.

Results & Metrics

Here’s the keyword we think your domain should advertise on.

And here we can quickly see the 5 different competitors that are advertising on it.

If the bubble is filled in, it means they are, if it’s blank, then they’re not!

We’ll go more into competitors in a bit, because they’re a main contributor to what keywords we think are best for you. But for now, let’s explain these metrics.

Right here we show an upfront statement of how good SpyFu thinks this keyword could be, accompanied by a strength meter.

This is on a scale from Great Buy, Good Buy, Buy, and Consider!

Next to that we’ll give you corresponding metrics like

  • How many impressions this keyword gets a month

  • The estimated cost per click of that keyword (for exact match searches)

  • We combine those two metrics to bring you how much that keyword should cost per month if you were to buy it in Google ads

  • And finally the potential amount of clicks you could be getting per month from those ads.

This gives you more granular insight, so you can decide if this “Good Buy” is actually worth the risk and reward for your specific domain. Basically what keywords will actually make you money if you run ads on them.

This is a good list, but still pretty large, you can clean it up by using Filters.


Filters help narrow these large lists of keywords to focus on your specific campaign needs

Click the filter button to choose which keywords you’d like to include or exclude from your result list.

You can add multiple keywords to your filter list until you find your best results. You can even add localized keywords if your business works primarily out of a specific city or region.

When you have the keyword list that best fits your current campaign, it’s a good time to export.

Add & Export

You can choose keywords manually by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the keywords. Or you can speed this up by clicking on the big checkbox here on the upper left.

Use the dropdown if you’d like to further specify what keyword recommendations you want to export.

After choosing your keywords you can export the list to a CSV, Google Sheets, PDF, or simply copy it to a clipboard so you can easily drop the keywords into your Google Ads editor, or a growing list to edit for use in Google Ads.

You can also add them to a MySpyFu project. Make sure you have the right project open here on the right, and then simply click Add Keywords.

You can then open up and see the keywords added to your project. SpyFu will automatically start tracking their performance and trends. It’s a simple feature that will save you a ton of time.

Now that you know how to use SpyFu’s Ads Advisor, you might be asking, how does all of this work? How did you find these keywords in the first place? That boils down to, competitors


Primarily we measure our recommendations by finding the big and relevant domains that have already been buying this keyword on Google Ads.

You can see the domains that SpyFu enters by default by clicking on the Competitors button here at the top.

Again, these are the biggest and best competitors we could find actively advertising on the keyword you entered, but you can always change them with whatever domains you think are best.

Quick note:

Oftentimes people will want to enter their direct competitors, like Joe’s shop down the street.

But Joe’s probably doesn’t have the advertising power or expertise that these websites do.

You want to learn from the experience of larger sites so you can defeat Joe’s at online advertising, bringing more people into your shop or website.

When you do have a prominent ad campaign with Google you might want to check out the Google Ads Advisor for domains located in the PPC dropdown menu. There’s a separate video for that one, so let’s keep going.

You may have noticed that you also have the option to enter in a list of keywords here on the right.

This will generate a new set of competitors that are advertising in that universe of those keywords instead of just the one.

Once you have the competitors that you’d like, click Apply!

If you changed out the competitors you may notice a change in the keyword results. You can continue to change competitors and use filters, until you find the perfect keyword list for you and your campaign.

Google Ads Advisor is the culmination of everything we know about ad buying in Google. Taking 15 years of PPC research in order to return recommendations in the simplest tool we could fathom.

It helps eliminate the expensive trial and error period that a lot of companies suffer through when trying to start or grow a new campaign.

Use it to expedite your PPC knowledge by learning what keywords the top websites are actively buying, or not buying. Saving you time and money.

As always, thank you for watching.

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