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Find answers to what things on SpyFu mean and how we calculate our stats

Glossary: Ranking History (of a Domain)
Glossary: Google Ads Advisor
Glossary: SERP Analysis
Glossary: Bulk Upload
Glossary: Ranking History (for a Keyword)
Glossary: Ad History (for a Domain)
Glossary: Backlinks (for a Keyword)
Glossary: Backlinks (from a Domain)
Glossary: Top Pages
Glossary: Advertiser History (for a keyword)
Glossary: PPC Keywords
Glossary: PPC Competitors
Glossary: Kombat (SEO)
Glossary: Related Keywords
Glossary: Kombat (PPC)
Glossary: SEO Keywords
Glossary: SEO Competitors
Ads: Definition
Paid Clicks as a %
Mobile vs Desktop: definition
Clicked Any Result: definition
Estimated Clicks (Keyword): definition
Monthly Volume: definition
Keyword Difficulty: definition
Ranked Keywords: definition
Rank Change (of a Group): definition
Rank (Change): definition
Project: definition
Profitable Related Keywords: definition
Preset filters that change the first 10 items (Keyword Search): definition
Preset filters that change the first 10 items (Domain Search): definition
Paid vs. Organic Clicks per Day: definition
Paid Keywords/PPC Keywords: definition
Page One keywords: definition
Page Monthly Organic Clicks: definition
Overlap: definition
Outreach: definition
Outbound links: definition
Organic keywords: definition
Homepages: definition
Newly Ranked Keywords: definition
Most searched (keyword group)
Most valuable keywords: definition
Most Successful Advertisers and Their Best Ads: definition
Multiple results icon : definition
Most profitable keywords: definition
Monthly Searches: definition
Cost/Monthly cost: definition
Monthly Clicks Worth $ for #1 Rank: definition
Monthly Clicks – Organic Search Ranking Analysis: definition
Minimum Clicks per Month: definition
Maximum/Minimum Cost per Click (CPC): definition
Matching pages: definition
Lead Filters: definition
Last seen date (last_seen_date): definition
Labels: definition
Kombat: definition
Keywords that just made the first page: definition
Keywords that just fell off the first page: definition
Keyword Universe: definition
Keyword Rank Losses
Keyword Rank Gains: definition
Keyword in Title or URL: definition
Inbound links that point to a domain: definition
Inbound Links: definition
Impression share: definition
History of Rankings/Google Ads History: definition
Highest ROI (Keyword Group): definition
Hidden Domains: definition
Groups: definition
Gov and edu domains: definition
Google Algorithm Updates: definition
Filter: Show keywords that match (definition)
Filter backlinks by keyword: definition
Extraction time: definition
Estimated Monthly SEO Clicks (Domain Rollup): definition
Estimated Monthly SEO Click Value (Individual Keywords): definition
Estimated Monthly SEO Click Value (Domain Rollup): definition
Estimated Monthly PPC Clicks (Domain Rollup): definition
Estimated Mo. Clicks (Organic Search Ranking Analysis): definition
Estimated Clicks/Month (domain search): definition
Easy Wins (keyword group): definition
Domain Strength: definition
Domain Monthly Organic Clicks: definition
Domain diversity: definition
Domain: definition
Daily Searches : definition
Impression share (Coverage): definition
Cost per Day: definition
Cost per Click (CPC): definition
Competitors: definition
Common Keywords: definition
Clone Chart: definition
Clicks per Day: definition
Cached Page/SERP screenshot: definition
Biggest Traffic Opportunities: definition
Backlink types: definition
Backlink Kombat: definition
Avg. Ad Position: definition
Almost There keywords: definition
Advertisers: definition
Additional Keywords: definition
Additional domains: definition
Ad Timeline (Exports only): definition
Ad Timeline: definition
Ad Pos (mini chart): meaning and definition
Ad Position: definition
Ad Icon: meaning and definition
Ad History: definition
Ad Change Over Time: definition
Ad Budget
% of Ads Served: Definition
% in top of page: definition